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Monday, July 18, 2011

Vegas Here I come!!!

So, I got invited to go to Vegas in a couple of months! I'm pretty excited about it! :-D What can I say? I'm a very happy girl! ;-) I'll be going with a wild bunch of girls for a Bachelorette party so it should be interested! I'll post more about it soon! What casinos should we hit up?! And bars? lol. We needs help in finding places to go to!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MILF Phone Sex Fun!

One of my newer callers, who I will refer to as “Danny-boy”, got me totally worked up during our MILF phone sex fetish session yesterday.  Danny-boy is such a cutie patootie! He has a shy side to him which I find to be super sexy.  He’s 21 and has been harboring some pretty explicit and delicious fantasies revolving around taboo role play scenarios for quite some time before he got the courage up to call me.

One of Danny-boy’s earliest, formative sexual experiences took place when he was in high school.  He used to spend a lot of time hanging out at his best friend Cody’s house after school.  Cody was the opposite of Danny in a lot of ways; he was more experienced with girls and more outgoing.  Danny looked up to him and envied his friend for being able to hook up with some of the hottest girls at school.  Cody also had a seriously good-looking mother. She was tall, blond, curvy and pretty much the stuff that high school boys wet dreams are made of.  She always seemed to be extra nice and attentive to Danny-boy whenever he spent time at his friend’s house.  

During our very erotic phone sex call, Danny-boy told me about a very special  summer afternoon before starting his senior year.  He was visiting Cody and the two were playing games on Cody’s computer while his friend’s sexy mom was sunbathing by the pool in the backyard.  Cody’s bedroom window overlooked the yard and from time to time, Danny-boy found himself drifting over to the window to get a peek at his buddy’s amazing MILF.  She wore a skimpy black bikini and was sprawled out on a chaise lounge chair.  Her voluptuous tits were barely contained in her bathing suit and Danny couldn’t help but wonder if his friend had been breast-fed.  “She was a goddess,” Danny boy confided to me.  

After about an hour of gaming, Cody had to get ready for his summer job at the local movie theater.  The two friends walked out of the house together and  waited for Cody’s cute coworker to pick him up to take him to work.  Cody bragged about the after-hours sexcapades he and his female coworker indulged themselves in when the movie house was empty.  As Cody’s ride to work drove away,  Danny remembered he left a few of his CD’s in the house.  He returned to Cody’s bedroom and collected his belongings.  Before he left, he thought it would be harmless to take one last peek through the window to check out his best friend’s beautiful mother.  Danny peered outside and almost lost his mind right then and there.  This incredibly stacked MILF was now sunbathing in the nude!  Danny could not bring himself to look away.  And right then, Cody’s mom turned her head toward the window, looked directly at Danny and smiled.  

Embarrassed, he gathered his game CD’s and made his way out of the bedroom and bounded toward the front door.  

“Danny-boy, is something wrong?” the voice of Cody’s mother sounded from behind.

Danny turned and there she was, in all of her golden and naked glory, smiling at him.

Soooo...after my shy Danny-boy relayed his story to me during our call,  I had the fabulous idea to turn our session into a naughty MILF phone sex role play game!  I took on the part of Cody’s mom and we picked up right where Danny-boy left off on that memorable summer day.   Danny’s tentative and sweet school boy ways got me so fucking turned on that I think I came harder than he did! <BIG EVIL GRIN>.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Cuckold Phone Sex Confessions

I am the kind of woman who does not hold back expressing her sexuality.  Yeah, I’m married and yeah, I took vows and all that jazz, but lucky for me, my cuckold husband understands and even encourages me to get my needs met whenever and however I please.   And boys, my needs are a-plenty! LOL!

As a cuckoldress, part of the erotic joy I receive is in taunting my sweet, darling hubby with my conquests.  The other part, of course, is that I get to fuck big, thick, hot cock to my cunts content.  And I don’t care what anyone else says, size DOES matter!  There is simply no comparison.  I cum the hardest and the heartiest when my pussy is being pounded by a girthy, mammoth cock.  This is the Truth, with a capital “T”, my sexy darlings.

I have a couple of “go-to bulls” that are almost always available whenever I need to get fucked properly. I will share more about these yummy boys later.  But the thing that often makes a cuckold phone sex queen so very ecstatic is the hunt for the next great sexual experience.  There is such excitement and its a huge turn-on for me when I plan to head out for a night on the prowl.  It begins at home; in other words, I try to include my hubby in my “preparation” before I slip out into the night and pick up a new bull.  This usually involves a long, hot soak in the bathtub while I direct my husband to wash my toned and tempestuous body.  He kneels beside the tub and lovingly rubs a loofah sponge over my skin while I sigh and remind him that this is as much action as he will be getting this night.  I make him spend extra time washing my hot, smooth pussy and it drives him insane because he knows that some other man’s dick is eventually going to be embedded in his hot wife’s holes.  

After he dries me off with a bath towel, I direct my hubby to rub scented body lotion all over me.  Then I have him help pick out an extra slutty, revealing outfit for me to wear and he watches me as I get dressed.  Such sweet torture plays across his face as I tell him to imagine how I will look in this outfit right before my lover tears my clothes off to get at me.  

Right before I leave the house, I stand before the door and give my cucky hubby a gentle kiss on the mouth.  I love to take his hand and place it up my skirt so he can feel the heat and moisture already beginning to form beneath my panties.  “That’s the last contact you’ll have tonight, “ I whisper in his ear as he moans.  

I giggle.  “The next time you touch this pussy, it will be filled with my bull’s sperm”.

And then I wave goodbye and set out to have the fantastic, fulfilling night that a cuckold phone sex goddess deserves. 
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

When college men come to town... ;-)

I was sitting in my kitchen Saturday morning sipping on my best homemade honey and green tea concoction that I create for myself a decade ago since to ween myself off of coffee and to choose a healthier alternative, when my son and his friend walked in from outside... My son and his friend are college roommates, even though he's the same age as my son, 21 he is SUCH A HOTTIE! The two of them walked in and greeting me, my son went downstairs to do a little bit of laundry. My son's friends name is Jake. Jake sat down next to me with his dark black hair and intense brown eyes. I asked him about school and he replied rubbing my leg. It felt so good to have a younger man put his hands on me, I started to feel getting wet and a tingle in my pussy. He started to move up my inside my thigh. I reciprocated running my silky smooth hands over his basketball shorts and I could the bulge starting to happen undernethe my hand. It was getting so hard, and I was getting so turned on massaging his cock.. Right then my son ran up the stairs and we quickly threw our hand off each other, looking as if we'd done nothing He told us that he was going to go to his girlfriend's house for an hour or two and if it was okay that Jake stayed her for a while until he came back... Jake replied “Of course”... We both knew the fun was about to begin. Call to find out what happened!! ;-) 

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